What Research Is Being Done on Sjögren's Syndrome?

Through basic research on the immune system, autoimmunity, genetics, and connective tissue diseases, researchers continue to learn more about Sjögren's syndrome. As they get a better understanding of the genes involved and which environmental factors trigger disease and how, they'll be able to develop more effective treatments. For example, gene therapy studies suggest that we may someday be able to insert molecules into salivary glands that will control inflammation and prevent their destruction. Other research focuses on how the immune and hormonal systems work in people who have Sjögren's and on the natural history of the disease (learning how it affects people by following those who have it).


Researchers are also looking into the use of the salivary stimulant pilocarpine for dry eyes. Other researchers are testing immune modulating drugs to treat the glandular inflammation. A drug called cevimeline has recently been approved for treating dry mouth. Work on developing an artificial salivary gland is in progress.

Breakthrough study links Type 1 diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome

Scientists at Sydney's Garvan Institute have identified a new group of immune cells that for the first time directly link two autoimmune diseases, Type 1 diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is conducting several studies on Sjögren's syndrome designed to help scientists better understand, manage, and treat the disease. Some focus on the disease's natural history, while others test potential new treatments. Talk to your doctor if you'd like more information about these clinical trials.


Sjögren's Syndrome International Collaborative Clinical Alliance (SICCA) is a worldwide registry that aims:
  • To develop standardized diagnostic criteria for Sjögren's syndrome (SS).
  • To oversee the collection, processing and storage of clinical data and biospecimens (tears, saliva, blood, minor salivary glands) from individuals with SS.
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