List of Sjogren's Syndrome Symptoms


Many people with SS say they "hurt all over" as if they have been beaten; that they are exhausted all the time: it is like having the flu that never goes away; they say they are unable to tolerate drafts, lights and smoke.

Here is a list of symptoms:

  • dry eyes that may feel gritty, burning or appear red.
  • dry mouth - the lack of saliva often causing difficulty with chewing, swallowing,speaking, hoarseness, change in sense of taste, dental cavities
  • vaginal dryness causing painful intercourse
  • dry skin sometimes causing itching
  • irritation and dryness in the nose
  • constipation caused by internal dryness (failure of mucus production)
  • light-sensitive eyes
  • corneal ulcers
  • fatigue
  • enlarged glands — especially salivary glands, located behind your jaw and in front of your ears
  • oral yeast infections, such as candidiasis
  • dry cough
  • joint pain and stiffness - often joints in hands and feet
  • Muscle pain - especially on use
  • inflammation of the muscles (myositis) - mainly the shoulders and pelvis
  • Nerve pain
  • increased sensitivity to cold causing “white finger” Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • damage to tissues of lungs, kidneys and liver
  • inflammation of the lungs causing breathlessness
  • kidney to lose its ability to excrete acids
  • migraine
  • dulled hearing
  • feeling of ear fullness
  • itching of the external ear canal caused by ear dryness
  • inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis)
  • mild anaemia, platelet counts and low white cell counts
  • increased risk of underactive thyroid