Personal Sjogren's blogs

Sjogren's blogspot
Personal blog about Sjogren's condition

Lynne's Sjogren Syndrome Page
Lynne's personal story and over 40 other peoples. Tips, products, links and symptoms for SS
Sjogren's Syndrome general information

Sjogrens Syndrome and Lupus
Lupus Foundation of America site

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD
Organizations related to Sjogren Syndrome, synonyms of Sjogren's, small description

Arthritis Victoria Sjogren's syndrome patient information

Lupus Association's Sjogren's page
Describes Primary and Secondary Sjogren's and Symptoms, Treatment and where to get help in Australia

The Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation
American site with list of American support groups. Wants you to join, donate or volunteer.

National Eye Institute of U.S.A.
Dry eye information including Facts About Dry Eye

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research National Institutes of Health
This site has information on Sjögren’s syndrome and the Sjögren’s Syndrome Clinic. See Current Clinical Studies for information, if you wish to participate or refer.

Diagnostic Criteria for Sjögren's Syndrome
Website of Neuromuscular Disease Centre at Washington University,USA

eMedicine - Sjogren Syndrome
Author:Robert A Schwartz, MD,MPH. Includes clinical, differentials, work up,treatment, medication, follow up and misc.

LWW Online medicine
Neurologic Manifestations in Primary Sjogren Syndrome: A Study of 82 Patients.

NCBI Entrez pub Med
Connects you to 100's of medical research articles about Sjogren's Syndrome such as New Developments in Sjogren's syndrome & Primary Sjogren syndrome with involvement of the nervous system.

Coeliac Society of Australia
Has gluten free diet on this site

Further management information:

Mayo Clinic

eMedicine health

Current Trials Search (USA)
Current Controlled Trials
Health blogs

I'm Not My Disease
The rantings edited from what is going on inside my head about what is going on inside my body at any particular time. Writer has Sjogren's amongst other things.

professional patient
Guide to managing illness, insurance, and disability in the U.S.

Fibro Files
Finally facing the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.