Dryness in Sjogren's Syndrome 


Sicca features are the main clinical manifestations of Sjögren's syndrome. In primary or secondary SS, decreased exocrine gland function is what causes the sicca symptoms.

In medical terms dry eyes is keratoconjunctivitis sicca and dry mouth is xerostomia.

A bit about exocrine glands from a person with SS.

Vaginal Dryness, is also called vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis. It is a common and distressing condition which can affect women, at any stage of their life, causing discomfort, embarrassment, and at times a sense of loss.

 Vaginal Dryness from National Institutes of Health

Vaginal dryness is common in women with Sjögren's syndrome. 

Painful intercourse is the most common complaint. 

A vaginal moisturizer helps retain moisture, and a vaginal lubricant can make intercourse more comfortable. 

Vaginal moisturizers attract liquid to the dry tissues and are designed for regular use. 

Vaginal lubricants should be used only for intercourse--they don't moisturize. 

Oil-based lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, trap moisture and can cause sores and hinder the vagina's natural cleaning process. A water-soluble lubricant is better.

Regular skin creams and ointments relieve dry skin on the outer surface of the vagina (the vulva).

Want to learn more about Vaginal Dryness and Sjogren's? Here are some additional resources: 

Gynecologic Problems from John Hopkins Medicine: The treatment of vaginal dryness in the setting of Sjogren’s syndrome includes the use of vaginal moisturizers, water soluble lubricants during sexual activity, and vaginal estrogen creams.

Why Your Sex Matters from Society for Womens Health Research Women with Sjögren’s syndrome often experience vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful intercourse. Vaginal lubrication does not come from moisture-producing glands but from fluid that is passed from the bloodstream through the vaginal walls. Vaginal dryness in Sjögren’s patients is often mistaken for menopause-related vaginal atrophy or degeneration. 

Subepithelial Infiltrate of the Vagina in Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome: The Cause of Vaginal Dryness? In this preliminary analysis, pSS patients show a lower vaginal health index and a higher percentage of subepithelial infiltrate in the vagina compared to controls, while endocervical histopathology did not differ. 

Sexual Dysfunction and Vaginal Dryness Are Common in Female Patients with Early, Active Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome. Sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness are highly prevalent in female patients with early, active pSS, and should be included in the outcome measures of clinical trials. Sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness are associated with symptoms of pSS in pre- and postmenopausal women, but not with systemic disease activity or salivary and tear gland function.

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How to Treat Vaginal dryness in Sjogren’s Syndrome Naturally

The best way to replace natural vaginal lubrication is with a natural, pure and hypoallergenic lubricant. 

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Why should I use YES WB to help with Sjogren’s Syndrome?

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